The Complete Guide of How to Properly Wash Bath Towels to Maximize Hygiene and Longevity

How To Wash Bath Towels

Introduction: What Are Washing Instructions Mean And How to Read Laundry Symbols?

How to wash bath towels? the best way to wash bath towels is to start by checking the label on the towel before washing it, Laundry symbols seem like another language, but the washing instruction symbols on your towels’ care labels tell you exactly how to do the washing and drying, as well as give extra information on bleaching and ironing.

And here is a guide of the washing symbols on our Egyptian Cotton Towels label:

Water heat level

Water heat level:

Machine Wash at 60°C or 140°F

laundry symbol icon vector

Bleach usage:

Don’t bleach

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning:

Don’t dry clean

Dryer cycle

Dryer cycle:

Temple try normal

The Proper Way To Wash & Dry Bath Towels:

Regardless of the type of towel, it is imperative to wash and dry towels properly to keep them clean and fresh.

Washing and drying towels can be an easy way to prevent odors and bacteria from spreading in your home, bath towels are often overlooked when it comes to washing clothes, but they can build up an immense amount of bacteria and germs if they are not clean.

Here are some 5 easy tips on how to maintain your towel supply:

  1. The first step is to machine wash bath towels with like colors only, it is recommended to wash it separately .
  2. Wash the towels with detergent, It is recommended to use half the usual amount of detergent. Too much soap can damage towels and make them less fluffy, or you can use an ordinary amount of detergent when washing towels in a load with tougher clothing, or if the towels are heavily soiled.
  3. Use hot water (at 60°C or 140°F) with detergent; this will help remove any bacteria that may be lingering.
  4. Don’t use bleaches this can damage the fabric & color.
  5. If you use a clothesline or drying rack instead, hang the towel up full length and then fold it in half lengthwise when finished.
  6. Air dry towels outside in the sun if possible to avoid allergens and pollen which can be emitted through the dryer vent while running

Extra Tips:

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to dry your towels in the dryer. It’s not only a waste of electricity but also a waste of time. You may be thinking, “Can’t I just throw them into a clothes dryer?” The answer is no. That may damage the fabric on the long term and that will make the towels feel stiff and scratchy.

The best way to dry your towels is to use a low heat setting on your clothes washer and then hang them up to air-dry or lay them out in an open space for drying.

Choose a spot for your towel rack that is not in direct sunlight. The heat will cause the humidity in the air to seep into the towels and make them smell like mildew. You should also avoid using spaces that are below ground level because the dampness could make it difficult to dry your towels completely.

You can also put them in the laundry room with a fan blowing on them for about 30 minutes before putting them away in storage space.

Best Ways to Store Your Towels after Washing Them

If you are reading this, you are likely wondering how to store your towels after washing them. There are many different ways you can do this, depending on what works best for your needs.

How to Prevent Towels From Smelling Bad

How to Prevent Towels From Smelling Bad

Now that you know how to get that musty smell out of your towels, just follow these simple tips to prevent smelly towels in the first place:

  • Hang your towels up to dry after each use. Even if you only use your towel very lightly, it’s important to air dry your towel away from humidity to avoid unpleasant smells, or you can use the towel warmer if exists.
  • Never place wet towels or clothes in the laundry hamper. Mildew smells can already appear after being in a warm dark place for only a few hours.
  • Dry towels immediately after washing. If you leave your towels in the washer or sitting around damp, they’re likely to get mildew smell, and you don’t want that!
  • Only store your towels when they are completely dry. This prevents the unpleasantness of musty towels.

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