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(EN) The rug was really nice. The colors were nice, exactly as in the picture. But what was a plus was that I could order a longer size! Instead of 200 cm, I ordered 250 cm so it could cover my long hall. It was worth the 2 weeks wait for it!

Product (Tree Leaves – Rug)

Susanne - September 17, 2020

(EN) Crossing Lanes white orange. Absolutely wonderful!

 Product (Corrsing Lanes – Rug)

Anne Nilsson – October 14, 2020

(EN) Very nice well made and beautiful. Very happy with my purchase!

Product (Shokran – Cushion)

Elizabeth – December 16, 2020

(EN) Have owned some 500-600GSM towels before but never before has anyone come up with the same sense of quality as these.

Just how they are packaged says something about the product.

Awesome satisfied!

Product ( Guest Towels Pack of 2 (30x50cm) – White)

Max - January 26, 2021
Anonymous - February 12, 2021
Anonymous - February 12, 2021